Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I publicly repudiate & condemn the actions of two prominent U.S. churches and its associated property management company

I have written about this before. You may have read it in one of my posts.

I live in Central Florida in a building that is owned by two mainstream U.S. churches: Episcopal & Catholic.

They own a 16 story apartment building in Central Florida which has 199 rental units. The two churches use a company called SPM to manage this Senior rental apartment building. When I asked them once what the S stood for, they informed me that the S stands, well, just for S.

As you know, the United States has a superb secular constitution, since we are not a theocracy. Churches DO NOT rule our country. The first ten amendments to our constitution are proudly referred to as our Bill of Rights.

These two churches and their associate, SPM, consistently violate the civil liberties of U.S. citizens.

They have two computers in their tiny library. They are connected to the Internet. They also have WiFi in the ground floor lobby of the building.

They consistently block people from accessing blogs, which many consider as a lawful extension of journalistic activities.

Here is a partial list of websites that are blocked consistently.


At one time they also blocked a Reuters blog. There have been many other blogs or websites blocked.

I accuse these two churches and SPM of consistently violating my constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties.

I am asking them to cease & desist, or I will sue them in a court of law.  

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