Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties are in great danger in Polk County, Florida. An open letter to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Winter Haven, Florida
April 19, 2012

Esteemed U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders:

I want you to be aware of what happened to two of your supporters in the city of Winter Haven, Florida, recently.

Last March two of your enthusiastic supporters, Jorge Gonzalez & Juan Perez formed a Bernie Club at the EC Apartments in our city. Polk County is an extremely conservative county in the Sunshine State.

E & C stands for Episcopal and Catholic. Those two churches own the 16 story building where more than 250 Seniors live.

Right from the beginning we were met with very strong opposition from the property management company that runs the building. The name of the company is SPM and the manager of the building is a young and inepxerienced young lady named Haley Alam. She is an employee of SPM.

The building has 19 bulletin boards, one on each floor and three in the ground floor of the building. We were informed by Ms. Alam that we could only put a notice announcing the foundation of our Bernie Club in the laundry room and at a tiny bulletin board in the lobby. Two out of 19.

Yesterday, April 18, I downloaded one of the pamphlets of your campaign for President of the United States. The title was 'Bernie Sanders on Senior Citizens.'

I personally had 200 copies of your pamphlet printed at a local print shop in Winter Haven that is very appropriately named 'Progressive Printers.' PACs and billionaires did not pay for the printing. It came out of my pocket.

Juan and I met at his floor and split the 200 pamphlets in half. I would personally deliver them at the clip that is on front tenant doors of floors 1-8. He would deliver to them to floors 9-16.

After our mission was accomplished, I retired to my apartment, and Juan went to tend to his personal affairs.

In the afternoon of the April 18, Juan Perez knocks on my apartment door and informs me that he had been violently threatened and insulted by one person in the ground floor of EC Apartments. According to Juan, he was told “You can't distribute this shit!”

Enters now, again, Haley Alam, who orders Juan Perez to remove the pamphlets from the doors of the apartments. He complied, because of the threats that he had received earlier.

Ms. Alam will not be able to prevent the thousands of Bernie pamphleteers from spreading the word about Democratic Socialism throughout the USA.


Jorge R. Gonzalez

P.S. Constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties are in great danger in Polk County, Florida. 

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