Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bernie Sanders tells you the TRUTH the way it really is

  1. “The corporate media is incapable of covering a national campaign in a serous way.”
  2. “The Clinton's play very dirty.”
  3. “Hillary's attacks on him have been outrageous, courtesy of her Super PAC helmed by the scum of the earth."
  4. “Jewess Princess [JG: my choice of word] Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stacked the deck against him.”.
  5. "In every state we have participated we have taken on the Democratic establishment."
Source: Time Magazine, June 6, 2016, Page 32.

My message to Bernie Sanders: why continue wasting your time participating in the 100% corrupt capitalist Democratic Party?

BTW, Bernie, even if you get down on your knees and ask me, I WILL NOT VOTE for Hillary on November 8.

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