Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cuba Journal responds to myopic Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson

Two or three weeks ago I wrote to Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson to express my opposition to the Democratic Party in regards to the Cuba/blockade embargo. 

On Saturday I received his response. Basically, he said that he was in favor continuing the Cuba blockade/embargo.

I responded with a 35 cent postcard, because he is not worth the 49 cent postage of a response letter.

I said the following:

"Sir: Saying that you favor the continuation of the Cuba embargo means that you favor MYOPIC policies that have been condemned by 193 countries at the United Nations."

"Continue burying your head in the sand."

JG: I have never voted for Nelson. I will continue doing that. I hope that the readers of this blog do the same thing if he runs for re-election.

Nelson and Rubio are carbon copies of each other. Totally reactionary.

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