Monday, June 27, 2016

In Spain, the anti-Podemos fanaticism of Prime Minster 'in-functions' Mariano Rajoy continues unabated

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It is true that the right wing Partido Popular in Spain, won yesterday's elections.

But PP did not win the absolute 176 seats in the House of Deputies that were needed to form a new government. He only won 137.

But Mariano Rajoy does not want to accept the reality that Unidos Podemos is the third largest political force in Spain.

Compare the two elections in Spain.

26 June 2016

Partido Popular - (Right of Center) - 137 seats. An increase of  14 seats.
Partido Socialista Oberero de España - (Left of Center) - 85 seats. A loss of 5 seats.
Unidos Podemos - (Left of Center) - 71 seats, an increase of 2 seats.
Ciudadanos - (Center-Right) - 32 seats, a loss of 8 seats.

The PSOE would be entering into a pact with the devil if it accepts to participate in a government headed by Mariano Rajoy. The Socialists would be betraying the true interests of the Spanish working class.

The only progressive party that won seats is Unidos Podemos. PP is a right wing party that does the bidding for big $$$$$ interests.

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