Monday, June 27, 2016

Spain: Political Fragmentation: PP (137), PSOE (85), Podemos (71), Ciudadanos (32)

The problem is that you have to have at least 176 votes in the House of Deputies to form a working national government. It is formally called the Investiture of the New Prime Minister.

For six months from the election date of 20 December 2015, to the second election of 26 June 2016, these four parties COULD NOT AGREE ON ANYTHING.

The first party is right-wing, the next two parties are leftist and the third party is centrist.

The Kingdom of Spain is UNGOVERNABLE! That is the same thing that happened before the start of the Spanish Civil War of 1936. The Franco dictatorship followed.

It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few months.

OK. Can they agree on this?

For the next six months we will throw rotten eggs and tomatoes toward each other and then we will call a third election, if we can not agree on who has the most stains on their clothes.

The group that has the most stains on their clothes will be the NEW GOVERNMENT.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Another solution: The last three parties form the new government (188 votes) and take the members of the first party (the loser) to a whore-house dinner with "the girls."

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