Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Sacramento Bee gives five very good reasons why Trump will defeat Hillary in November.

Full disclosure: I dislike both Trump and Hillary INTENSELY. I will not vote for either one in November.

The first is a Nazi racist and the second is (in Cuban slang) an unadulterated TORTILLERA, a very low-class lesbian. I can understand why Bill Clinton had to urgently go and get a blow job from Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.

But, back to the Sacramento Bee article.

1) Trump's rhetoric resonates, (Even as it appalls)
2) Most Republicans are falling in line.
3) Gotcha journalism doesn't faze Trump.
4) Hillary follows his lead - badly.
5) Trump will crush Hillary in the debates.

My own #6:

There is a tremendous amount of hate and angry people in the USA today, like in the Germany of the 1930's. The krauts got Hitler and we get Trump. History will repeat itself.

Why is this happening? Because capitalist millionaires and billionaires have been fucking the American people since Reagan was installed in the White House, and the Yankees don't have the guts or the necessary intelligence needed to start assassinating the capitalist SCUM.

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