Friday, June 24, 2016

This financial crisis is proudly brought to you by ........

Notice that these financial crisis, such as the Brexit, always start in hyper-capitalist countries. Socialist and communist countries rarely have such economic cataclysms, because they do not have political and economic systems that encourage screwing and exploiting the people. On the contrary, they seek to help all the citizens of their country.

In 1789, when the French Revolution took place, and the the heads of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were placed under the guillotine, the ruling elites of the world took notice. It would be a very long time, until 1917, that monarchical heads would not roll again, until the Bolshevik Revolution in Czarist Russia.

What the world needs today are a few more Robespierre's and Lenin's.

You could probably also say that what the British did today is the XXIst Century version of the guillotine. APPLAUSE!

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