Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz has more than guts. He has cojones.

Full disclosure:

I am an agnostic, who does not buy any of Ted's religion-based GARBAGE. I am with Marx: religion is the opium of the masses. It is for the uneducated crowds, those who have no intelligence, and those who are extremely gullible.

Donald Trump has insulted just about everyone, Mexicans, immigrants in general, women, disabled people, Muslims.

His party is highly divided and demographics are against Donald Trump.

We may be stuck with dishonest and crooked Hillary. I dislike her intensely. 

We now have the two shittiest presidential candidates in the history of the USA.

This has been a very weird year. If Donald can win Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, he may have a chance. Donald Trump will be crucified in the three Western States, California, Oregon, Washington.

American are very angry. The country is in a declining slope. The manufacturing base jobs have been exported to low-wage countries, like China. Capitalists have pocketed the huge profits. Financial speculation is the name of the game in USA today. 

It is capitalism that has destroyed the USA. The two establishment parties; Democrats and Republicans.

Angry people voted for Hitler in the 1930's in Germany. The same thing may happen in the USA with Donald Trump. His ego is huge, the same as Hitler's. He speaks his mind.

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