Friday, August 19, 2016

A critique of USA communists

On Aug 5, 2016, John Bachtell, a prominent USA communist, authored an article titled “Green Party “safe state” strategy is neither safe nor a strategy.”

Of course, Mr. Bachtell is entitled to get on his favorite soap box and express his opinion.

But freedom of expression is a two-way street. Here is my four cents contribution:

 1) One of the reason that CPUSA (Communist Party USA) does not attract more supporters in our country, is that their movement is too autocratic. No grass roots there. Everything emanates from the top. Shades of the Stalinist period in the defunct USSR.

2) They themselves never offer candidates during election time. Their autocratic movement scares people away. USA communists wouldn't even be elected to become dog catchers.

3) They whine too much about everything.

4) They are too enamored of Barack Obama and his Democratic Party.

The Green Party of the United States is a very valid alternative to the total destruction that the two major capitalist parties have sowed in the United States.

Of those two parties, the Democrats are more corrupt than the Republicans, but they share equally that in the last 55 years they have totally destroyed the USA, a once prosperous nation.

It was the Democrats of Bill Clinton and the Republicans of the two Bushes that have exported our best paying jobs to low wage countries like Mexico and China.

The two capitalist parties defend the interests of the banks, Wall Street and the capitalist millionaires and billionaires.

How can CPUSA defend that?

If CPUSA defends Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton they are defending the continuation of the total destruction of the USA.

I am proud that I will be voting in November for the presidential candidate of the Green Party USA, Dr. Jill Stein.

I voted for her too in 2012, after the very sorry record of Barack Obama, specially on the Cuba issue.

Voting is not like going to the race track to vote for a horse.

Vote for the person that you believe in. If you have weak knees, stay home.

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