Thursday, September 15, 2016

An urgent appeal to the readers and/or visitors of Cuba Journal: Please, Help IFCO Pastors for Peace.

You may have heard about Pastors for Peace. For many, many years they have organized FriendShipment Caravans to Cuba. The island is a poor, but proud, country, and every little bit helps. 

Now, Barack Obama's IRS wants to remove IFCO Pastors for Peace tax exempt status. Fighting the IRS can be very expensive. Some of you may know that. 

I am setting up with my bank a recurring $10.00 per monthly donation, on the 3rd of each month, to IFCO Pastors for Peace. I know it is a small amount. But little by little we can help IFCO Pastors for Peace continue their great work in Cuba. 

The letter that I received on Thursday touched my heart. 

You may receive a copy of that letter if you send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to: Cuba Journal, 500 Avenue L NW, #405, Winter Haven, FL 33881-4072. 

Obama's IRS allows very wealthy corporations to receive millions of dollars in subsidies each year, but here he is sending his IRS to try to destroy an organization of people helping people.” 

I am asking you to please send whatever you can afford to: IFCO Pastors for Peace, 418 W. 145 Street, New York, NY 10031. 

Thank you. May the builder of the universe bestow upon you his blessings. 

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