Friday, September 02, 2016

How the Democrats & Republicans corrupted the Presidential Debates

Here’s the story of how the elites deceived the American public:

1988 was a milestone year.Up until then, the League of Women Voters impartially sponsored presidential debates.

That setup didn’t cut it for Democrats and Republicans, which had corporate interests in mind.

So they teamed up to create a corporation called the Commission on Presidential Debates. They set out to deceive Americans by using an official-sounding word like “commission” in their name.

Think about it: Political opponents were willing to work together for the greater evil.The League of Women Voters immediately withdrew its sponsorship of the presidential debates because the demands of the establishment parties would -- in its own words -- “perpetrate a fraud on the American voter."

Even when Donald Trump ran for president in 2000, he said it was "disgraceful and amazing" that the commission on presidential debates could “get away with” keeping candidates out of the debates. In true Trump fashion, he threatened to sue if another presidential candidate's lawsuit to open up the debates failed.

Source: Green Party USA

JG: American capitalism. Run by crooks for the benefit of crooks.

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