Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Indicted & Corrupt U.S. Senator from New Jersey, Robert Menendez, continues promoting the talking points of the Miami fascists

Menendez and his Buddy, Salomon Melgen
What a Pair!

These guys sound like broken records. They have not accomplished anything since the the Cuban Revolution was triumphant on January First, 1959. They had to put their tail between their legs, in a hurry, and run for their lives to the cesspool of the USA, aka Miami, Florida. Some of that scum moved to New Jersey, a state controlled by the Italo-American Mafia.

CBS News is helping them spread their garbage.

By the way, why is Barack Obama's Justice Department stonewalling on the start of the federal trial of crooked Robert? $$$$$ changing hands under the table? Or another example of Hillary's 'Pay to Play.'

Barack Obama's USA is the perfect poster boy for never-ending-corruption in our planet.

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