Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lo que los gusanos de Tampa no le dicen a los ciudadados de los EE.UU.

The Tampa fascist gusanos publish a rag sheet (a free periodiquito) that you can't even use as "papel para limpiarte el culo."

In their latest issue, they made fun about the medals won by Cuba in the Rio Olympics in 2016.

But they do not inform American citizens that during the reign of their buddy, Fulgencio Batista, who was supported and kept in power by the Yankee imperialists, here are the results:

1952: Helsinki: 0 medals.

1956: Melbourne: 0 medals.

During the era of Fulgencio Batista, his esbirros were very busy murdering the Cuban people.

"Y en eso, llegó Fidel"

After the Cuban Revolution was triumphant in 1959, here are the results, starting with 1960:

France 1900 Paris1110212
United States 1904 St. Louis442393
United Kingdom 1908 Londondid not participate
Sweden 1912 Stockholm
Belgium 1920 Antwerp
France 1924 Paris90000
Netherlands 1928 Amsterdam10000
United States 1932 Los Angelesdid not participate
Germany 1936 Berlin
United Kingdom 1948 London53010128
Finland 1952 Helsinki290000
Australia 1956 Melbourne160000
Italy 1960 Rome120000
Japan 1964 Tokyo27010130
Mexico 1968 Mexico City115040431
West Germany 1972 Munich137314814
Canada 1976 Montreal156643138
Soviet Union 1980 Moscow207875204
United States 1984 Los Angelesdid not participate
South Korea 1988 Seoul
Spain 1992 Barcelona17614611315
United States 1996 Atlanta164988258
Australia 2000 Sydney22911117299
Greece 2004 Athens15197112711
China 2008 Beijing149210112328
United Kingdom 2012 London1115371516
Brazil 2016 Rio de Janeiro1245241118
Source: Wikipedia

What the Tampa gusanos are upset about is the fact that the Cuban people support their Socialist government.

You can do the math and add the Cuban Olympic medals after 1964.

After the Yankees imposed their fake republic in 1902, their puppets only won 10 medals. 


Continue to defend the island's national sovereignty.

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