Friday, September 02, 2016

The dishonesty of the Yankee imperialists: Política migratoria de EE.UU. hacia Cuba es anacrónica, afirma The New York Times, y reporta Granma

La política migratoria estadounidense respecto a Cuba es anacrónica e irracional, afecta las relaciones con países vecinos y pone en peligro las vidas de muchos seres humanos, señala un editorial del diario The New York Times

Link to the Granma article

JG: The Yankees think that they own the world. They are arrogant.
One day, they will be punished, as Germany's Nazis were punished.
Barack Obama, it turns out, is not so smart after all.
He is an extremely deceitful and typical Yankee politician.
Historians will say that he was a mediocre president.

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