Saturday, September 10, 2016

WARNING: How crooked capitalist commits crimes against its customers. BEWARE!


Friday started like any normal day. When I got up in the morning I did not know that I would be the victim of the never ending greed and the crime environment of American capitalism. It reigns supreme in every business enterprise in the USA.

Late in the afternoon I received an email alert from my bank. I had put an alert that was triggered when a debit card amount greater than $100.00 appeared in my bank account.

A $101.42 charge had appeared in my checking account from I had not purchased anything there that day. It was a FRAUD transaction. Deep in their computers they have my debit card number.

I called my bank and reported immediately the fraud transaction from Hadrian handled my call at the bank and informed me that the book retailer did that on a regular basis. He was used to that type of thing happening.

Hadrian informed that the first step was to contact and to form them that a fraud transaction had been initiated in their business.

Hadrian connected me to the phone line at A woman by the name of Michelle handled my call at the book retailer. From the get go she was non-cooperative. She wanted me to give her some of my personal and private information. I refused and demanded that I wanted to speak whit her supervisor. She then told me that her supervisor, Hazel was not available. I asked her to connect me to another supervisor. She informed me that none was available.

I told her that I was never ever going to use again and that I would file a criminal complaint with my city police department and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The moral of the story. Capitalist criminals are very active in the USA. 24/7, anywhere and everywhere.

American capitalism = dishonesty & greed.

Let the buyer beware! I have decided not to use debit cards in the future. I will not ever again patronize I will use cash with other capitalist businesses. It is very easy for the capitalist crooks in the USA to commit DEBIT CARD FRAUD.

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