Wednesday, October 26, 2016

An old Cuban refrain states "El Cuartico Está Igualito."

If you translate it literally, which is not a good way to have a good translation, it means "The room is the same."

This morning, I clicked on the URL which connected me to the UN Web TV. It was a clean connection and their various interpreters did an excellent job of interpreting 'on the fly' the speeches of the various diplomats.

On the other side of the coin, the so-called MSM, or Main Stream Media of the USA made a lot of noise about the fact that the Obama administration (and its water carrier Israel) had changed their vote from NO to ABSTAINING.

Result of the two last yearly votes.

2015: Yes 191, No 2,  Abstaining 0.
2016: Yes 191, No 0, Abstaining 2, (USA and its water carrier).

Nothing has changed, really. "El Cuartico está igualito."

The U.S. Congress, in its never ending arrogance, has not lifted the correctly named blockade, which is not carried out by the U.S. Navy, but by many processes of human intimidation carried out by the thugs of the government of Barack Obama. Samantha power is not Mother Theresa.

Barack Obama is, like his predecessor, not worthy of trust. Must Cubans say that, except the fascists in Miami and New Jersey.

Obama has not changed his true objective of trying to restore corrupt capitalism to the largest island in the Caribbean.

The Cubans have made it very clear that they will stick with Cuban socialism.

When the Yankees talk about "democracy" they are talking about the system in Cuba during the years of  Fulgencio Batista (1952-1958).  That is the type of democracy that they have always supported and liked.

They also liked and supported, Somoza in Nicaragua, Trujillo in the Dominican Republic, Duvalier in Haiti, Diem in South Vietnam, Marcos in the Philippines and the Shah in Iran. They currently support the despots of Saudi Arabia.

Name a dictator, and you will always find the Yankee imperialists supporting him, with money and arms.

Name a government that tries to make life better for its citizens, and you will always find the Yankee imperialists opposing it.

It is that simple.

L. Q. Q. D.

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