Friday, October 07, 2016

Barack Obama continues to give refuge and protection in Miami to international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

Barack Obama is a capitalist, and as such he hates communist Cuba. If the terrorist is employed by the Yankee CIA, he immediately becomes a "good terrorist." What a hypocrite the USA has in the White House right now. And things will not change when Hillary or Trump are installed after the quadrennial November election farce.

The two Bushes also protected Posada Carriles. There is no difference between Democrats & Republicans. Same shit, different person.

One day, the USA will pay for all its crimes around the world.

The world is beginning to awaken. The current president of the Philippines wants the USA military out of his country. If I were him, I would take the necessary precautions. The Yankees may send a drone to assassinate him. Or they may use an mafia gangster. That is how they work.

Remember when Barack Obama told you he was gong to end the wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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