Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bernie Sanders endorsements in Florida

Our Revolution endorsements in Florida:
NO on Amendment 1 - Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice
Amendment 1 is an attempt by Florida's monopoly investor-owned power companies and Koch brothers-backed front groups to deceive voters into unknowingly passing anti-solar power policy. If passed, it would establish a false assumption that solar users are a financial burden to non-solar users, limit the expansion of solar, implement restrictions and unfair fees that would make solar more expensive, and hurt consumers by denying a cost effective way to lower power bills. Please vote NO on Amendment 1.
YES on Amendment 2 - Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative
Amendment 2 would allow licensed state physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to individuals with specific debilitating diseases. Patients who gain relief through cannabis use, especially the terminally ill, shouldn’t have to choose between treatment and breaking the law. Medical cannabis is vitally important to thousands of Floridians. Please vote YES on Amendment 2.
Dwight Bullard for State Senate, District 40
The son of two educators and members of the Florida House of Representatives, Dwight has followed in their footsteps by becoming a community organizer, a highschool teacher, and in 2008, a representative of District 118. In 2012, he was elected to the Florida Senate, utilizing his strong passion and commitment to improving Florida’s education system. Dwight embodies his belief that the people deserve a voice that identifies with them and is proud to serve.
This is Our Revolution, and we will only bring about the change we need in our country if all of us are deeply involved. That's why today we're asking you to commit to vote in this election.

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