Monday, October 31, 2016

One more! Keeping track of the silly articles about Cuba on the Internet

The latest was published by an outfit named Town Hall. The title of it was "Trump wins support of dissidents (in Cuba!)."

For those of you who are not familiar with the Cuba issue, here is some information.

Since January 1, 1959, the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the USA government has tried to overthrow the Cuban government.

They have tried just about everything:

1) A Miami exiles mercenary invasion. Financed and directed by the CIA. Defeated in less than 66 hours by the Cuban people.

2) An embargo, which is correctly labeled El Bloqueo (the blockade) in Cuba, which was started by womanizing John F. Kennedy. A total failure. It has been condemned by the civilized world at the General Assembly of the United Nations for 25 years in a row, the most recent on October 26, 2016.

3) Numerous attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. All discovered and foiled by Cuba.

4) State sponsored terrorism, by the United States government. Did not accomplish much, except add suffering to many Cuban families.

What is left?

Silly articles in the Internet. They are mostly dreams and wishful thinking. The Cuban people inside the island laugh at them.

Dissidents? Always directed and financed by the U.S. government. They are left zeros in the island and the Cuban people laughs at them, the same way that they laugh at clowns.

The so-called dissidents receive welfare checks from the USA government. Starting with Dwight D. Eisenhower and ending with Barack H. Obama.

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