Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The General Assembly meeting at the United Nations is being transmitted LIVE NOW at

Cuba Journal supports: #ExpelUSAfromGeneralAssemblyofUN

The United States has been placed on the bench of the accused. One day, it will pay for all the crimes it has committed throughout the world.

It all started when the USA was founded on the basis of a cruel and unjust slavery system. They have no morals or ethics. They can not preach to the world.

10:41 Venezuela comes to the podium of the General Assembly. Long live the memory of Hugo Chavez.

10:51 Mexico is at the podium now.

11:00 Vietnam comes to the podium. They know in their own flesh about the war crimes of the USA.

11:10 India.

11:28 Brazil

11:33 Nicaragua. Long live the memory of Augusto César Sandino.

11:40 Samantha Power comes to the podium. The USA will abstain today.

11:53 Cuba's Minister of Foreign Relations comes to the podium. Long Live Socialist Cuba.

He states that the USA blockade continues. This burden to Cuban citizens has to be lifted.

12:29 General Assembly votes.

12:31 Yes 191, No 0, Abstentions 2. (Probably the USA and its water carrier).

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