Tuesday, November 08, 2016

As of 9:26, things don't look good for Hillary

IoThe Democrats had a better candidate in Bernie Sanders, so if we are stuck with vulgar Donald Trump as president, I blame the Democratic Party.

11:50 pm @ PBS:

Trump: 244 Electoral Votes
Clinton: 209 Electoral Votes

We are inching closer to a Trump presidency.

The MSM relied on polls and forgot that the people have the final say.

People wanted change.

One thing that called my attention was the high bias of MSNBC, who refused to report the votes cast for Jill Stein of the Green Party. Don't patronize them. They are major shitheads.

PBS adds six more electoral votes to Hillary (215), after they project a win for her in Nevada.

12:50 pm: Trump has leads in Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. If they hold he may become the 45th POTUS.

1:39 am:  Donald Trump is projected by PBS to win Pennsylvania. That will put him at 264 Electoral Votes. He needs six more.

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