Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At 7:00 pm tonight, a huge mass gathering started at Cuba's Plaza de la Revolucion

CubaVision, LIVE:

Right now the President of South Africa is speaking. Before him the President of Ecuador spoke.

I see President Maduro  of Venezuela sitting next to Cuban President Raul Castro.

The transmission breaks up a little bit from time to time.

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica is speaking now.

I can see the President of Bolivia in the front row too.

The President of El Salvador is next at the dais, He is speaking now. He represents the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front. (7:55 p.m.)

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, is speaking now. (8:02 pm.)

He mentions that "Liberty or Death" was the cry of the Greece Revolution of 1821.

He also talks about the example that Fidel set for all.

He finishes with Adios Comandante, Hasta La Victroria Siempre, in very clear Spanish.

The President of the National Council of Algeria is next at the dais. (8:12 pm.)

The next speaker, I believe, is from the People's Republic of China. Confirmed.

The Chinese people will miss Fidel profoundly.

A very beautiful view of the Jose Marti Monument.

The next speaker, appears to be, from his dress and hat, from Iran. (8:32 pm.) Confirmed.

He gives his condolences to the people of Cuba.

He finishes with Long Live the Friendship Between Iran and Cuba.

The next speaker is speaking as a representative of Vladimir Putin of Russia. (8:39 pm.)

A lady who represents Vietnam is next (8:44 pm.)

She expresses solidarity with Cuban communists.

She fishes with VIVA FIDEL.

Next is an Emir, but I could not catch the name of the country. He wears an Arab head dress or hat. (8:50pm.)

Next speaker is from Belarus, a Republic of the former USSR. (8:56 pm.)

He is talking about "Our Friend, Comandante Fidel."

Evo Morales, Presidente de Bolivia, is next. (9:03 p.m)

Much applause and shouts.

"Vengo a nombre del pueblo Boliviano y los movimientos sociales."

"Fidel ha sido un verdadero padre."

"Fidel no ha muerto."

"Fidel esta mas vivo que nunca, trinchera de esperanza."

"Con las ideas de la razon."

"Fidel lucho por la humanidad."

"Siempre vivio en la trinchera."

"Fidel es sinonimo de lucha anti-imperial"

"Las ideas de Fidel seran para siempre."

"Que viva Fidel."

There are many shouts in the huge crowd of: "Raul, el pueblo esta contigo."

The next speaker starts with "Viva Fidel." (9:14 pm.)

I caught the word Namibia. Confirmed.

"The people of Namibia love Fidel Castro."

En contra del Apartheid the Sud-Africa.

Las fuerzas de SWAPO.

Los Cubanos ofrendaron sus vidas y tambien perdieron extremidades.

The Liberation of the Oppressed.

Fidel envio tropas a Africa.

He talks about Cuito Canavale.

Cuba did not come to collect gold or diamonds.

The Cuban People are our friends. Fidel es nuestro amigo."

Our people give our children the name Fidel.

He talks about the constant help offered by Cuba.

Fidel will be our guide in our struggle.


His spirit will live on, forever. (9.28 pm)

Next at the dais is the Representative of Mexico, Pena Nieto ?  (9:29pm)

He talks about Fidel. Nuestro Pueblo. Nuestra America.

Descance en paz, Fidel Castro. (9:34 pm.)

Viene ahora, Daniel Ortega, Presidente de Nicaragua (9:35 pm.)

Gritos de "Yo Soy Fidel." de la muchedumbre.

He also talks about Allende.

(9:46 pm.)

Here the transmission was frozen. @ 9:53 pm.

I am sure that You Tube may have a video, later on.

10:07 pm. Daniel Ortega dice; "Que viva el pueblo de Cuba," y termina.

10:09 pm. Presidente de Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

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