Monday, November 14, 2016

It is very tough and difficult in being a minor political party in hyper-capitalist USA. Why?

The two major capitalist parties are very corrupt and dishonest. They are very greedy and they want everything for themselves.

24/7 they put obstacles in the participation of minor political parties in the political process.

The best example that I can come up with is the farcical Commission on Presidential Debates, a group that was specifically created, by Democrats & Republicans, to benefit themselves.

How did the Green Party do?

According to the latest results Jill Stein got 1,207,141 votes, which is 1 percent of the popular vote. She did significantly better than 2012, when she brought in 469,501 votes (or .36 percent of the vote.) [Source:]. I had never heard of this group before. Who are they?

The Greens have something that is totally nonexistent in the two major capitalist parties:

They are honest.

They do not have super PAC's with tons of tainted money. They don not rely on DIRTY MONEY which may be coming from criminal elements in our society.

They are not owned by Wall Street.

They are not owned by capitalist millionaires, who are only concerned with $$$$$. These millionaires want to buy people like Hillary Clinton. That is why she lost.

I am very happy that I am now registered as GREEN on my voter registration card.

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