Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Wikipedia Index List: US Federal Officials convicted of corruption. You will not be surprised what party is #1.

Official Party

Robert Archibald Democratic

Daniel Brewster Democratic

Joseph R. Burton Republican

Frank Ballance Democratic

Mario Biaggi Democratic

Frank W. Boykin Democratic

Ernest K. Bramblett Republican

Frank J Brasco Democratic

Albert Bustamante Democratic

Alexander Caldwell Republican

Thomas Carney Republican

Frank M. Clark Democratic

Robert F. Collins ?

Duke Cunningham Republican

Charles Diggs Democratic

David Durenbeger Rep/Ind

John Dowdy Democratic

Joshua Eilberg Democratic

Albert B. Fall Republican

Robert Garcia Democratic

Richard T. Hanna Democratic

James F. Hastings Republican

Andrew J. Hinshaw Republican

John H. Hoeppel Democratic

William J. Jefferon Democratic

John Jenrette Democratic

Thomas F. Johnson Democratic

Richard Kelly Republican

Joseph P. Kolter Democratic

Raymond F. Lederer Democratic

William Lorimer Republican

Buz Lukens Republican

Martin T. Manton Democratic

Nicholas Mavroules Democratic

Andrew J. May Democratic

John H. Mitchell Republican

John M. Murphy Democratic

Michael Myers Democratic

Bob Ney Republican

Nehemiah G. Ordway ?

Bertram L Podell Democratic

Halsted L. Ritter ?

Dan Rostenkowski Democratic

Frank Thomson Democratic

James Traficant Democratic

J. Irving Walling Republican

Harrison A. Williams Democratic

Party: # %

Democrats: 31 61.70%

Republicans: 12 29.79%

Rep/Ind 1 2.13%

? 3 6.38%

Libertarian 0 0.00%

Green 0 0.00%

Total: 47

Two federal officials are currently indicted for corruption offenses: Robert Menendez in New Jersey and Corrine Brown in Florida, both Democrats.

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