Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cuba Journal wishes to correct the record: at no time did Bernie Sanders insult the memory of Fidel Castro.

So much was happening on the 26 & 27 of November, 2016. One day earlier, former Cuban President Fidel Castro had died.

I was in a state of shock and so were so many people. 

The quotation that I had attributed to Bernie Sanders, in a Tweet, was never spoken by him. It was a URL of right-wing My mistake.

The words were spoken by a woman in CNN that goes by the name of Dana Bash.

She asked Senator Sanders the following question:

BASH: Let me start with Cuba. In President Obama’s statement on Fidel Castro’s death he said we offer condolences to Fidel Castro’s family and our thoughts and prayers are with the Cuban people. Is it appropriate for the leader of the free world to offer condolences for a brutal dictator that killed his own people as well as Americans.

She is the one that called Fidel Castro a brutal dictator.

She is a dumb BIMBO. Did you hear that lady? You are a dumb BIMBO.

Her "question" was picked up by the right-wing outfit Of course.

Here is the URL:

Bernie Sanders answered the question very correctly, like the decent human being that he has always been. The mistake was solely on the part of the publisher/editor of Cuba Journal

SANDERS: What we’ve seen in the last number of years is an improved relationship between the United States of America and Cuba. United States of America has relations with China, we’ve had relation with brutal dictatorships all over the world. The goal is now to improve our relationship with people of Cuba, to do what we can to improve their economy and to make sure that the younger generation does better than their older generation.

BASH: So, you’re OK with him offering condolences, if you were president would you have said something similar.

SANDERS: Yeah. Yes, I would have.

JG: My sincere apology to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for my mistake.

But I am still a little upset over his endorsement of dishonest and corrupt Hillary Clinton.

I blame the Democratic Party for what happened on November 8. The Dems had a very bad candidate for President of the United States. And the MSM, CNN, and Dana Bash, don't know shit. Bernie Sanders would have defeated Trump.

What the Americans still do not seem to understand is that the Cubans run the island, not a corrupt brutal dictator supported by American imperialism.

Cuba does not have a perfect government, but both Fidel & Raul were, and are, much better than Fulgencio Batista.

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