Monday, January 09, 2017

At 7:15 pm the game that was suspended last night because of rain will restart at the same point.

7:15 pm: MTZ vs GRA.

The score was  Granma 11, Matanzas 3, when it was stopped last night because of  rain.

7:40 pm: The game still has the word sellado (sealed). They may have rain again.

Check back latter.

7:45 The Cuban baseball website Zona de Strike shows that they are playing.

They are on the top half of the seventh inning. Score is the same: Granma 11, Matanzas 3.

Zona de Strike is showing the game LIVE. Transmission is not very good at my place.

They have moved now to the eighth inning. Same score.

From what I am seeing in my laptop, Matanzas has given two consecutives bases on ball. Men on first and second. None of the runners scored

We are going to the bottom of the eighth inning.

We are now on the top of the ninth inning. The transmission is very poor.

Last chance for the cocodrilos. One out. Two outs. Three outs.

Se acabo el juego. Granma 11, Matanzas 3.

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