Friday, January 06, 2017

The Miami Herald continues its campaign of hate against Cuba. What a sorry lot!

They are putting out a minimum of six articles, sometimes even more, every day, against the government of Cuba. All they can do is dream. They rely on bits & bytes. 


Because inside the island, the Miami fascists are LEFT ZEROS. No credibility or value whatsoever, and no support. The Cuban people are firmly behind their government. It is not perfect, but much, much better than the government of Yankee puppet Fulgencio Batista.

Did Fidel write articles in newspapers against Batista? No, they went to Mexico, trained for guerrilla warfare under the command of an experienced general of the Republicans in the Spanish civil war.

They raised funds, bought the Granma; they had COJONES, and had faith in the people of Cuba.

82 very courageous men set sail for the island in late November 1956.

The rest is history. Batista's army had no morals. They were cowards.

On January First, 1959, after the capture of Santa Clara by Che Guevara's Rebel Army column, Batista put his tail between his legs, and fled the island. The Americanos had bought “courage” for him at a Woolworth's Ten Cent Store.

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