Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women’s marches: Millions of protesters vow to resist President Trump

December 21, 2017

Millions of women gathered in Washington and in cities around the country and the world Saturday to mount a roaring rejoinder to the inauguration of President Donald Trump. What started as a Facebook post by a Hawaii retiree became an unprecedented international rebuke of a new president that packed cities large and small — from London to Los Angeles, Paris to Park City, Utah, Miami to Melbourne, Australia.

The Washington organizers, who originally sought a permit for a gathering of 200,000, said Saturday that as many as a half million people participated.

Many in the nation’s capital and other cities said they were inspired to join because of Trump’s divisive campaign and his disparagement of women, minorities and immigrants. In signs and shouts, they mocked what they characterized as Trump’s lewd language and sexist demeanor.

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JG: We are a constitutional democracy and we will resist Donald Trump. He is neither Caesar nor God. We will fight him with honor and all our strength.

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