Friday, February 03, 2017

Scoreboard: Puerto Rico 1, Cuba 6 - [FINAL] [ + BOXSCORE]


Reportajes y Fotos:


En el terreno está Cuba

Juventud Rebelde:

They are having a lot of technical difficulties today with the streaming video.

We are going to the top of the sixth inning now.

Going to the top of the seventh inning. The score remains the same.

Benitez continues to be very HOT for Cuba.

Moinelo comes in as relief pitcher, replacing Vladimir Garcia, who only allowed one run. He could win this game if Moinelo performs well.

Bases on balls to El Caballo Despaigne.

Home run of Saavedra. Cuba has two more runs.

The video streaming has improved a lot.

Five runs is a good advantage for Cuba.

Puerto Rico only has one more chance, on the ninth inning, after Team Cuba puts out a fire on the top of the eighth inning.

I am happy the video has improved.

Lahera is coming in to pitch and close the game.

One out. Two outs. Third out.

Second victory for the Alazanes in the 2017 Serie del Caribe.

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