Thursday, March 09, 2017

Communication Workers of America, Bargaining Update with AT&T Mobility.

CWA workers have voted to authorize a strike against ATT Wireless.

Here is the latest news as of March 9, 2017:

Nearly one month after their national contract was set to expire, thousands of AT&T Mobility workers are refusing to back down in their demands that the company agree to a fair contract. Today, workers and customers rallied outside retail stores and call centers across the country, urging AT&T to stop off-shoring and outsourcing their jobs.

Kim Anderson, vice president of CWA Local 7803, organized a demonstration outside her Seattle retail store to highlight how AT&T is squeezing its employees. In her seven years at the company, Anderson has witnessed AT&T downsize locations and move work to low-wage, low-quality third party dealers. "Everyone is nervous about losing their jobs. There's a lot of worry out there and that's why we're fighting for a fair contract," she said.

While AT&T brings in more than $1 billion a month, it has shifted more than 60 percent of retail jobs to third party dealers, while cutting more than 12,000 call center jobs and sending thousands more to Mexico, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and other countries.

The company faces growing opposition for its misguided priorities as more than 50,000 customers, workers and community members signed a petition calling on AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to support good jobs.

JG: The publisher/editor of Cuba Journal is not a member of CWA, but I have promised to join them at their picket line against ATT if they decide to strike nationally.


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