Saturday, March 11, 2017

Scoreboard: Cuba 1, Israel 4

I will attempt not to fall asleep. I hope that I will last the three hours or more of the game.

Gameday has not posted yet who is going to pitch for Cuba.

For Israel, Jason Marquis will open the game.

To go to Gameday, go here:,game_state=live

Cepeda bats third, and Despaigne fourtth. Cepeda is the Designated hitter.

10:07 Waiting for Gameday to start.

10:09 Gameday starts.

Noelvis Entenza is the opening pitcher for Cuba.

Connection problems with my laptop.

Home Run by Alfredo Despaigne. Cuba 1, Israel 0.

El Caballo de los Caballos comes through for Team Cuba, AGAIN!

Two completed innings. We go to the top of the third.

Cuba has two hits, Israel, no hits.

The Cuban espresso coffee is keeping me awake,

Three complete innings have gone by. Same score. Entenza has pitched well, up to this point.

Alfredo Despaigne grounds out in his second at bat of the night.

William Saavedra gets a hit. Team Cuba has three hits. Israel 0 hits.

Noelvis Entenza has three bases on balls.

Israel collects its first hit.

Israel has its first run. Game is tied 1-1. Is Entenza getting tired?

Half of the game has been completed.

Yoennis Yera comes in to pitch for Cuba, relieving Entenza.

Five innings have been completed. Game still tied 1-1.

Alfredo Despaigne hit by pitch. Intentional?

Jason Marquis, the Israeli pitcher is being replaced.

Zack Thornton is the new pitcher for Israel.

Yoennis Yera has thrown 18 pitches for Cuba. 11 were strikes.

Israel has collected its sencond hit of the game. One man on base.

Yera gives one BB. Two Israelis on bases. First & second bases.

Hit by Zack Borenstein. One run scores. Israel 2, Cuba 1.

Jose Angel Garcia comes in to pitch for Cuba. Yera goes to the showers.

Israel has runners on first and third.

Another hit, another run for Israel.

Cuba better start improving on their hitting.

Ivan Moinelo is coming in to pitch for Cuba. The relievers are failing Team Cuba. They better get their shit together, or they will lose the game.

Cuba has to remember that Israel is a proxy team for the USA Yankees. They have two teams in the tournament. There is only one native born Israeli in the Zionist team. The rest are USA Yankees.

Top of the seventh inning. I hope that this is Cuba's lucky 7. No suck luck for the weak. Cuba does not produce. It does not look good for the criollos, but they still have two more innings to produce runs. Keep your fingers crossed and your rabbit's foot in your pocket.

OMG! More walks by Cuba's pitchers.

But, two consecutive strikeouts by Moinelo. That is very good.

But Cuba has to score more runs. It is very deficient in that area today. You win games by scoring runs.

Good hit by pinch hitter Delgado. Cespedes has been weak in hitting.

Good pinch runner for Cuba on first base. Victor Victor is like Speedy Gonzalez.

Cepeda walks and Victor Victor goes to second base. There is still hope.

El Caballo at bat.

El Caballo walks and the bases are full of Cubiches.

But the threat is a bust. Only one more inning for Team Cuba.

One more walk. Later on he advances to third.

I have a bad feeling that Cuba is going to lose this game against the fake Israelis. Fakery is all over the place in the USA.

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