Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Netherlands makes picadillo with Cuba in seven inning knockout. Wins 14-1 [Boxscore]

JG: I expected Cuba to lose, but not this bad. This was a massacre, not a baseball game.

I wonder what the Cuban press will say. I will find out.

Granma said that A la pelota le está prohibido perder bochornosamente  (In baseball, it is prohibited to lose embarrassingly).

Juventud Rebelde said El equipo de Holanda dejó a Cuba fuera del Clásico. (The team from The Netherlands leaves Cuba out of the Classic,)

Cuba was eliminated from the second round of the WBC, and goes home full of shame. Not good.

Should Cuba return in 2021? It is very doubtful. The level of their baseball play has gone steadily downhill. Very sad.

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