Monday, March 13, 2017

There is still hope for Team Cuba in Pool E. My opinion.

After the 12-2 defeat of Israel by The Netherlands. there is a tiny bit of hope for Team Cuba.

But first they have to start playing better. They are lethargic and their pitching has been very poor. Also, too many walks.

This is the current standings in Pool E according to Bleacher Report:

#1 Japan: One win, no losses. 1-0
#2 The Netherlands: One win, one loss. 1-1.
#3 Israel: One win one loss. 1-1.
#4 Cuba: 0 wins, one loss. 0-1.

If Cuba were to upset Japan (a very tall order), tomorrow morning at 6:00 am, there would be a triple tie for second place.

How would this triple tie be resolved? I have no idea.

So, if Team Cuba continues playing badly tomorrow morning, Team Cuba will have to go home empty handed.

They have to have a MIRACLE tomorrow morning. They have to win against Japan.

I am still rooting for Cuba, and I wish them good luck tomorrow.

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