Tuesday, March 07, 2017

WBC IV Scoreboard Cuba 6, Japan 11 [Japan Wins]


Japan has the bases loaded in the bottom of the second inning.

Yoanni Yera is pitching for Cuba now..

No one scored for Japan.

Yoelkis Cespedes has double. First threat for Cuba in the game.

Yoelkis advances to third base. GO CUBA!

Yoelkis scores on sac fly. Game tied 1-1.

Bottom of the fifth inning. Japan is doing everything right. They lead 3-1.

Japan increases its advantage to 6-1.

Is it over for Cuba in this game? It looks that way to me.

Inning horribilis.

Japan adds one more run. 7-1.

Raidel Martinez is pitching for Cuba, right now. ERA: 27.00.

Sorry to be so pessimistic, but this game is lost for Cuba,

Will the game end as a KO in favor of Japan? I hope not.

Jonder Martinez comes to pitch for Cuba.

Inning horribilis is finally over. I am very sad as to what is happening, but these types of games happen in baseball.

When the Yankee imperialists offer millions of dollars to Cuban born players, it is very hard to keep good  players in the island, GREED REIGNS SUPREME!

Home run by Alfredo Despaigne in the top of the seventh inning. 7-2.

With men on second and third, Guillermo Aviles, brings them home with a hit. 7-4.

Cuba has managed to launch a strong counter-attack. NEVER GIVE UP TEAM!

Remember what Yogi Berra said.

There will be no KO on this game. Keep on fighting, CUBA.

Japan scores two more runs. 9-4.

Inning #7 ends. What a game!

Double by Yurisbel Gracial, with Despaigne & Cepeda on base.

Two more runs for Cuba. 9-6.

Japan scores one more run 10-6. They never stop!

But, at least there will not be a KO.

Cuba has the bases loaded on the top of the 9th inning. 2 outs.

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