Friday, April 14, 2017

The Exploitation of Man by Man is the Traditional Trademark of Donald Trump's Classical Capitalism

He has insulted women, insulted the members of his own party and embarrassed the people of of the United States much worse than Richard Nixon ever did

He contacts NASA about mining the Moon. No outrage is too little or too disgusting by the disgraceful Donald Trump. Dropping a 22,000 pound bomb in Afghanistan's Perpetual War is just one more entertainment party for the disgusting human being we currently have in the White House.

His idea of fun is “I can grab women by their pussy.” Is there no end to the disgraceful actions of this despicable man?

If  the irresponsible & corrupt Democratic Party had not nominated a very dishonest woman as its presidential nominee, maybe we would not have had to suffer this 100 Days horribilis.

May God save the USA, even if I am an agnostic.

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