Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The more apps (i.e. computer programs) you have in your cell phone and/or computer (desktop or laptop) the more problems you are going to have

Recent example:

The keyboard vanished in my "not so smart" smart phone. Why? The programmer who wrote the operating system was DUMB.

Apps today are mediums to advertise.

In the last week I was inundated with 623 attempts at advertising in my computer.

A smart computer programmer wrote a good app called Add Block Plus. It stopped those 623 greedy capitalists. Good riddance.

I have eliminated all apps in my smart phone, except three, four, if you count the operating system.

9:27 am update: I just booted Yahoo Finance from my smart phone.

Two apps plus Android operating system remain.

1:23 pm: Add Block Plus is a great extension for any web browser. It has blocked 1,666 garbage adds.

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