Tuesday, May 02, 2017

My love affair with the Esterbrook fountain pen of the 1950's

Vintage 1950's Esterbrook Blue Fountain Pen J Series Double Jeweled
Photo: Etsy.com

I went to a religion-based school (Hermanos De La Salle) in El Vedado in the 1950's in Havana, Cuba. The "brothers" who taught the classes had an intense hatred for ball point pens. One little kid earned a very rough and probably painful cocotazo from his teacher for using a ball point pen in class. It was confiscated, broken in two by the brother and thrown out the large window of the classroom.

Looking back in retrospect, I take the side of the De La Salle brothers. Today, in the year 2017, I hate ball point pens. They are crap. You can buy ten of them for one dollar in crappy Walmart. In my book they are shit.

So, I am going back to a good fountain pen, probably an Esterbrook.  I had several of them and I remember them with happiness.

Here is a link to an excellent history of Esterbrook fountain pens. Look for the section labeled Esterbrook History in the middle of the page.

Today, I have ditched organized religion, and become an agnostic, but I still remember fondly my 1950's school. It was a simple time.

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