Sunday, June 04, 2017

From the Most Holy Book of Agnostics and Atheists. (a.k.a. Ͷ)

On the first day, God created man, with dicks. Ψ

On the second day, God created woman, with pussies. ²

And on the second day, at noon, God told them, go and fuck each other, and grow and multiply. Man and Woman liked it A LOT. Ʒ

And on the third day, God created McDonald's. ł¹

And on the fourth day, God bought a Slushie there, and he was pleased. ł²

On the final day, God jerked off. œ

But God did not realize that there were misfits in Nature, secretly created by his sister behind his back. ŋ

His sister played a joke on God and created, a week after, Homosexuals, Tortilleras and trans-gendered Freaks. ş

God was extremely pissed and ejected the misfits from the Garden of Even. Ŧ

And the three misfits created the Association of Abnormal and UnNatural Creatures. They made up labels to throw at men and women who disapprove of the Misfits . Homophobes, etc. ɸ

Now, you know the true story, and the rest of the story, of Creation. Ɯ

The proud publisher/editor of the Holy Book of Agnostics and Atheists is very proud to be a Homophobe of the Exalted Fifth Grade. We celebrate Homophobia Day on the 26 of December of every year.

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