Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Part II of the Previous Post. About the British & the Americans

WOW! The British truly understand what the Americans have never been able to learn. You have to have a political party that defends the interests of the Working Class, which is the only human group that creates value with their work, their labor.

In Britain they are smart enough to have a Labour Party. In the USA, we have two branches of the Capitalist Party, and most Americans spend their lives exploiting other human beings (inside or outside the USA) so they can become successful capitalist millionaires.

Karl Mark saw the suffering of the British and gave humanity, with the help of Frederic Engels, The Capital, a book that is way more important than a billion Bibles.

Ask an American: what do you want to do when you grow up, and most of them will mention a profession.

But then ask them: having a lot of money, is it important to you? They are very likely to say: I want to be a millionaire when I go grow up. They have been thoroughly brainwashed by American capitalists into believing that having a lot of money equates with success in life. What shitty lives they lead. In that respect, capitalism has become like a religion. Repeat a lot silly shit 24/7.

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