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El Manisero

Published on Jun 2, 2009

El Manisero , The Peanut Vendor, is based on a street "pregon" or shout. The song has been recorded at least 150 times by musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Red Nichols and the California Ramblers to name but a few, and has sold over a million copies of sheet music for the EB Marks Co. The song was first recorded by Rita Montaner for Columbia in 1928.

The music was composed by Moises Simons, the Cuban son of a Basque musician. The royalties from this one song made Simons a wealthy man. Peanut Vendor was a million seller for Victor, was the number 1 song of 1931, and was the first million selling Cuban 78 record.

In Cuba, each merry maid, wakes up to this serenade
Peanuts-they're nice and hot, peanuts-I sell a lot
If you haven't got bananas, don't be blue
Peanuts in a little bag are calling you
If you're looking for an early morning treat
Get some double jointed peanuts-good to eat
A merry twinkle in his eye
He's got a way that makes you buy

English words by Marion Sunshine and Wolfe Gilbert - Spanish words by Moises Simons

Don Azpiazu introduced authentic Cuban dance music to US audiences when his Havana Casino Orchestra travelled to New York to cut EL MANISERO "The Peanut Vendor" for Victor Records in 1930. The record started a rumba craze which lasted until the 1940s although the record is technically not a rumba. The catchy song became one of the biggest selling Cuban hits in history. Azpiazu had star musicians Julio Cueva (trumpet), Mario Bauza (Sax), and singer Antonio Machin in his group. He also used American singers such as Chick Bullock to help popularize his music and paved the way for later bands such as Xavier Cugat and Desi Arnaz.

JG: When I was a kid, I would purchase very hot (not spicy) cucurruchos de mani. Cost: five Cuban centavos. They were delicious. The adults would dance to this popular Cuban song of Moises Simons.

Perez Prado Version

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