Thursday, July 06, 2017

Game 4 Scoreboard: USA 2, Cuba 7 [FINAL]

Cuban Pithcer Dachel Duquesne

USA #11 Vaughn Andrew is transmitting the game in a LIVE STREAM.


8:52 pm: It appears like Cuba will probably win the game, but the USA has already won the 2017 Friendship Series. USA had the better team. Cuba did not hit, except in game #4.

9:00 pm: Game is over.


Tope USA-Cuba'2017: Cuba evita barrida con triunfo de 7-2 este juevesTOPE USA-CUBA'2017: CUBA EVITA BARRIDA CON TRIUNFO DE 7-2 ESTE JUEVES

Cuba se colgó de Duquesne y ganó el primero

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