Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guatemalan Portrait: La Niña de Guatemala

13 July 2017

José Martí’s most famous legacy for Guatemala is the poem “La niña de Guatemala” about the death of young María García Granados, daughter of Guatemalan president Miguel García Granados who fell in love with Martí. The García-Granados schoolgirl’s crush was unrequited, however, as he went again to México, where he met Carmen Zayas Bazán and whom he later married. In 1878, Martí returned to Guatemala and published his book Guatemala, edited in Mexico. On May 10, socialite María García Granados died of lung disease; her unrequited love for Martí branded her, poignantly, as ‘la niña de Guatemala, la que se murió de amor’ (the Guatemalan girl who died of love). Following her death, Martí returned to Cuba. Continue reading about José Martí at Wikipedia.

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