Sunday, July 16, 2017

USA companies that Cuba Journal no longer patronizes, and the reasons.

Verizon, Extremely Poor Customer Service.

Bright House Networks (BHN), Poor Custome Service. [the old dog.]

Spectrum, [The Old Dog] changed his name to try to fool people. Ditto reason.

Jet Blue. Lost my luggage in NY when I flew to Valencia, Spain. It toook them three days to find it.

Zoosk, Very deficient software, vastly overpriced service. Heavy advertising which is very annoying

Metro PCS, extremely shitty and low quality cell phone company. Employs low education clerks.

The politicians at City Hall in my city give Verizon and Spectrum monopoly status in my building. Therefore, if you want to use telephone or cable, you have to put up with their shittty customer service. I gave both of them the boot in the ass.

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