Monday, May 15, 2006

Candidate Frank Gonzalez on "Family Values" and "Compassionate conservatism"

Frank's Campaign Page

Cuba Policy: U.S. Travel Prohibitions & Trade Sanctions

"Family values"? "Compassionate conservatism"? I became a "criminal" merely because I traveled to Cuba to visit my family on my 29th birthday in February 2001. I broke a law signed by Bush and spitefully applauded by Lincoln Diaz-Balart that self-righteously separates Miami Cubans and their children like me from our extended families there. What "compassionate" "family-values" does this outrageously unethical law protect?

Yet Lincoln Diaz-Balart, whose political Party pledged specifically to defend "family values" as "compassionate" conservatives, swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution first. The Constitution was designed precisely to prevent fanatical federal bureaucrats from abusing their authority by passing totalitarian laws like these!

We must never confuse rights with privileges or permissions. The 9th Amendment in our Bill of Rights in our Constitution codifies and guarantees our natural-born right to visit our extended families in Cuba without U.S. Government permission.

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