Friday, May 05, 2006

Chess Extravaganza to End Cuban Olympiad


May 4, 2006

Eyleen Rios Lopez

HAVANA.-More than a thousand chessboards will fill plazas throughout the country on Saturday in the final event of the Third Cuban Olympiads.

As during previous events, chess enthusiasts will get a chance to match up against Grand Masters (GM) and International Masters (IM) as well as other well-known players.

One of the big attractions will take place at Guines, Havana, where the local idol and national champion GM Leinier Dominguez will be present along with IMs Aryam Abreu and Holden Hernandez.

In Las Tunas, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to show their moves against last year's national champion, GM Lazaro Bruzon, and MIMYaniet Marrero.

Havana's famous Central Park will also host part of the chess festival. Veteran Grand Masters Silvino Garcia, Roman Hernandez and Vivian Ramon, along with the young IM Omar Aleida, will be on hand to face all takers.

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