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The Oswaldo Guayasimín Foundation

The Oswaldo Guayasimín Foundation

Major Cultural Event to Honor Fidel Castro on 80th Birthday

Havana, April 17 (ACN) A cultural program to honor Fidel Castro on his 80th birthday later this year was announced by the Guayasamin Foundation during the 5th Hemispheric Encounter against the US-promoted Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which wound up Saturday in Havana.

Foundation president Pablo Guayasamin said that the Cuban president's birthday represents 80 years of dignity and victorious struggle against US imperialism, 80 years that set an example to follow for the peoples of the Americas and the Third World. He said the occasion will be marked by celebrations from August 10-13 in Havana.

Pablo is the eldest son of outstanding Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamin, a long-time friend of the Cuban Revolution and its leader Fidel Castro. He referred to the support given to the celebration by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Nobel Peace Laureates Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez Esquivel and other members of honor of the Guayasamin Foundation.

The homage draws support from men and women, organizations and institutions from all corners of the world, due to the example that Cuba and President Fidel Castro represents to the anti-imperialist struggle and to create a different Americas and a better world, he pointed out.

Guayasamin told the delegates, "We want to invite you all to return to Havana for that occasion in order to wish Fidel a long life and thank him for his heroic and firm struggle, for his early denunciation of the foreign debt, the FTAA, the free trade agreements and other bait used by US imperialism to impose its supremacy."

Referring to the cultural program being planned, he told the press about an exhibit of works by the late Oswaldo Guayasamin titled "Un abrazo de Guayasamin a Fidel" (A Hug for Fidel from Guayasamin), as well as a concert that will gather the voices of outstanding Latin American singers and a dialog on the achievements of the Cuban Revolution.

Among the public figures expected to attend the event include Danielle Mitterrand the widow of former French President Francois Mitterrand, former Ecuadorian President Rodrigo Borja, intellectuals Thiago de Mello, of Brazil, Ernesto Cardenal and Tomas Borge, of Nicaragua, as well as Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchu and Argentinean Perez Esquivel.

The August event promises to be an invasion of Cuba, but not an invasion of US-paid mercenaries like the one 45 years ago at the Bay of Pigs. It will be an invasion of solidarity and brotherhood and of intellectuals who are committed to the cause of their people, who will celebrate a historic date for Cuba, Latin America and the world, he concluded.

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