Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cuba is an advanced country

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This is no Mexico

Published: Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Re: "Choose your vacation spot wisely," Dec. 22.

Wouldn't it be more informative if George Jonas did a little more research? He seems to mix apples with oranges when he refers to Cuba and Mexico in the same breath as impoverished and lawless countries.

Cuba under Fidel Castro has elevated herself on the world stage, proving to be far advanced in medicine (sending doctors around the world and with a higher birth-survival rate than in the U.S.), education (again a higher literacy rate than the U.S.) and ecological technology. Both health care and education are free. And all that in spite of a brutal and illegal embargo imposed by our "benevolent" neighbour to the south.

Yes, Cuba is poor and there are debilitating shortages, but tourism is flourishing in spite of the treacherous U.S. campaign in Europe and elsewhere to impede it.

Mexico is also a poor country with a rich elite.

Montezuma's revenge is rampant among tourists, corruption forces the police to buy their own arms and equipment and crime and punishment is a big issue.

But Mexico suffers not nearly the problems that the U.S. imposes on Cuba.

Max Halber,


Alexis said...

Are you kidding me? You make it seem that Fidel is a savior for the Cuban people. True, education and medicine are free, but at what cost? No freedom. Weekly rations. Isolation. When you flip a light switch, you don't know if the light is going to come on. Let me guess, this is all due to the embargo. In addition, this crap of higher literacy rates and lower infant mortality rates are not very accurate. Remember, Cuba is very secretive and their record keeping is inadequate. Also, Fidel, who is in charge of EVERYTHING, would lead you to believe that the Cuban revolution has brought unremitting success. Remember, most Cuban doctors and lawyers have second jobs in order to make ends meet. Many prostitutes in Cuba are professionals, with advanced college degrees. I don't know abut you, but I wouldn't like to be a Cuban in Cuba. And if you really do your research, you will find that Fidel and Guevara screwed up the Cuban people, so that Cuba had to surivive with hand-outs given to it by the Soviet Union. I agree that if the embargo was lifted, there would be so much more access Western tendencies that Fidel's hold would weaken. Trade with Cuba on a large scale, I think, is one crucial step on the road to freedom from Fidelito and Raulito. CUBA LIBRE!!

Cuba Journal said...

Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Overall, if you compare Cuban society today, it is a vast improvement over the pre-1959 era.

Cuba achieved TRUE INDEPENDENCE ON January 1, 1959.