Sunday, December 10, 2006

President Bachelet: No state funeral for Pinochet

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dpa German Press Agency
Published: Sunday December 10, 2006

Santiago- Chilean former military ruler Augusto Pinochet will not receive a state funeral, the government of President Michelle Bachelet announced late Sunday after the general's death at age 91. Pinochet died Sunday in a military hospital, a week after suffering a heart attack.

He was facing prosecution in three human-rights cases and a fourth corruption case stemming from the military dictatorship that he led from 1973-90.

"Pinochet will be buried as the former chief of the armed forces," government general secretary Labos Weber announced late Sunday, citing a decision by Bachelet.

That will not convey the three-day official period of mourning that would come with a state funeral. Barracks and other military installations will be allowed to fly flags at half staff.

Supporters of Pinochet rallied Sunday night outside the hospital where he died, chanting for a state funeral to recognize him as Chile's former head of state.

A church memorial service for Pinochet is planned for Tuesday, with Defence Minister Vivianne Blanlot attending in place of Bachelet.

Bachelet, a socialist, was jailed and abused with her mother during the Pinochet regime, and her father was tortured to death.

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