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Who are the Democratic Party's Gang of 66

The Gang Of 66 came into existence on June 14, 2007 with a $10,000 "Money Contribution" (i.e. legal bribe or graft) to the Democratic Party Majority Whip, James Clyburn, from the ultra-right-wing 'U.S.-Cuba Democracy' PAC, headquartered in Hialeah, Florida, a suburb of Miami. The most virulent anti-Cuba exiles living in that part of Florida make contributions to this PAC, which turns around and exchanges cash for votes when anti-Cuba legislation is acted upon in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is no secret that we have members of Congress that are willing to trade their votes for hard cash. This Gang of 66 group is representative of that type of individual.

They are a perfect example of the famous phrase of Mark Twain: "The U.S. has the best politicians money can buy."

The Gang of 66 went into action one week after the Democratic Party Majority Whip received his cash. It was a vote on amendment 351 to H.R. 2764, a bill to make appropriations for the Department of State, foreign operations, and related programs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, offered by the Capo di Tuti Capi of the Cuban Mafia in Miami, Representantive Lincoln Diaz-Balart, scion of a Cabinet Minister of Cuban Dictator Fulgencio Batista. His amendment passed by 254-170 because of the votes received from the Gang of 66. (see Roll Call Vote 527)

The Gang of 66 went into action again on July 27, 2007. This time they went into action to defeat an amendment offered by Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY.) His amendment, numbered 707 to H.R. 2419, a bill which provided for the continuation of agricultural programs through fiscal year 2012, had passed by a voice vote under a different number in the morning of July 27. Rep. Rangel's amendment would have removed certain banking restrictions related to Cuba's payment for agricultural purchases from U.S. producers. It also authorized direct transfers between Cuban banks and U.S. banks and allowed visas to be issued to conduct activities related to purchasing U.S. agricultural goods.

The anti-Cuba Mafia in the House of Rrepresentatives was enraged. How do they dare do this to us? La Loba Feroz, a.k.a. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who hates Cuba with a passion, demanded a recorded vote and called her allies in the Gang of 66. With their votes, Rep Rangel's amendment was doomed, and lost by 245-182, (see Roll Call Vote 749)

If you thought that after the recent capture of Congress by the Democratic Party, our 48 years of failed Cuba policies had a chance of being reformed, think again. The Cuban Mafia of Miami are equal opportunity bribers. When the Republicans controlled Congress they bribed the Republicans. Now that the Democrats control Congress they bribe the Democrats. Charlie Rangel, you are a decent man, but you don't stand a chance.

Below is the Hall of Shame of the Gang of 66 of the Democratic Party:

Altmire Jason Pennsylvania 4th
Andrews Robert New Jersey 1st
Arcuri Michael New York 24th
Baca Joe California 43rd
Barrow John Georgia 12th
Bean Melissa Illinois 8th
Berkley Shelley Nevada 1st
Bordallo Madeleine Guam At large
Boren Dan Oklahoma 2nd
Boyd Allen Florida 2nd
Braley Bruce Iowa 1st
Brown Corrine Florida 3rd
Butterfield G.K. North Carolina 1st
Cardoza Dennis California 18th
Carnahan Russ Missouri 3rd
Carney Christopher Pennsylvania 10th
Castor Kathy Florida 11th
Chandler Ben Kentucky 6th
Clyburn James South Carolina 6th
Cuellar Henry Texas 28th
Davis Artur Alabama 7th
Donnelly Joe Indiana 2nd
Edwards Chet Texas 17th
Ellsworth Brad Indiana 8th
Engel Ellot New York 17th
Faleomavaega Eni Samoa At large
Giffords Gabrielle Arizona 8th
Gillibrand Kirsten New York 2oth
Green Gene Texas 29th
Gutierrez Luis Illinois 4th
Hare Phil Illinois 17th
Hastings Alcee Florida 23rd
Higgins Brian New York 27th
Jefferson William Louisiana 2nd
Jones Steffanie Ohio 11th
Kennedy Patrick Rhode Island 1st
Klein Ron Florida 22nd
Lipinski Daniel Illinois 3rd
Lofgren Zoe California 16th
Mahoney Tim Florida 16th
Marshall Jim Georgia 8th
McIntyre Mike North Carolina 7th
Meek Kendrick Florida 17th
Melancon Charlie Louisiana 3rd
Miller Brad North Carolina 13th
Mitchell Harry Arizona 5th
Murphy Patrick Pennsylvania 8th
Pallone Frank New Jersey 6th
Pascrell Bill New Jersey 8th
Payne Donald New Jersey 10th
Perlmutter Ed Colorado 7th
Rothman Steven New Jersey 9th
Ryan Tim Ohio 17th
Salazar John Colorado 3rd
Schiff Adam California 29th
Sestak Joe Pennsylvania 7th
Sherman Brad California 27th
Shuler Heath North Carolina 11th
Sires Albio New Jersey 13th
Skelton Ike Missouri 4th
Space Zachary Ohio 18th
Spratt John South Carolina 5th
Wasserman Schultz Debbie Florida 20th
Wexler Robert Florida 19th
Wilson Charles Ohio 6th
Wu David Oregon 1st

Last, but not least, add another 6 to the Gang number, and you will realize who they really work for.

7/27/2007, 5:12 p.m.

I want to make sure that everyone understands the nature of these two amendments in which the Democratic Party Gang of 66 was involved.

1. The first one, by Rep. Diaz-Balart on June 21, was an anti-Cuba amendment.
2. The second one, by Rep.Charles Rangel on July 27 was a pro-Cuba amendment, only in the sense that it would have reformed 48 years of failed Cuba policies.
3. 66 Democrats helped pass the first one and 66 Democrats helped defeat the second one. Those 66 Dems are helping the ultra-right-wingers in Miami. Do not let yourself be fooled if they try to tell you that they are liberals or progressives. They are not.

But there were some extremely small changes in the composition of the 66 Democrats. There is a core group of Democrats who are vociferously anti-Cuba -- Wasserman Schultz, Sires, Wu, Hastings, Jefferson, Meek, Wexler, etc. That core group did not change on both votes.

There were exceptions. On the second vote there were Democratic Representatives who switched to the pro-Cuba side, and there were new Democratic Representatives that were new to the Gang of 66.

If you want to reform our Cuba policies DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THE GANG OF 66 if they run for re-election.

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